repair price list

All estimates free of charge - some of the regular tasks listed below:

Refret - Maple/Lacquered neck - £200 (including parts)
Refret - Bound neck - £185 (including parts)
Refret - Rosewood/Ebony neck - £175 (including parts)
Level, Crown and Polish Frets (includes setup) - £100
Replace Nut (blank) - £30 + parts
Replace Nut (blank) 12 string - £35 + parts
Setup (Acoustic) - £30 (plus strings)
Setup (Electric) - £30 (plus strings)
Setup (Floyd Rose) - £40 (plus strings)
Fit Pickup - £30 + parts
Rout for Pickup (body and/or scratchplate) - from £30
Replace Pot/s - from £30 + parts
Rewire electrics - from £35
Neck/Headstock break repair - £50

now available to install from £75

I can supply all parts, pickups etc. at competitive prices

Prices include all parts needed unless stated, if any problems arise you will be contacted before further work is undertaken. It is not my intention when making an estimate to mislead but any task may run into unforeseen problems. It is and always will be my aim to provide a top quality service and you can be assured your instrument will be given my full attention while it is in my care.